.My name is Cecilia Okugo and I will be running for president next year 2020.


I have noticed that American workers only gained 3.25 raise since 1993. There was a huge announcement for all 51 states to raise wages to 15 dollars and only 14 cities and states have raised wages. By the time I’m in office I hope you all are making at the minimum 15 dollars an hour to 25 dollars and hour. We must banish 7 dollar to 10 dollar an hour minimum wage.


Now that I have said that not to take up too much time let's move over to Social Security.

We need to insure our disabled and paralyzed victims that the benefits will not disappear. 

In fact they deserve to have a raise in benefits due to the cost of living. 


Having said that you must know that people feel threatened each term they get a new leader that benefits may disappear. We have to renew the Social Security Act to ensure people that their benefits won't go away. Americans have to stay out of the black in that area so that they don't worry about proper placement concerning their livelihood. 


There are many people that will not return to the workforce so they need something to sustain them between the ages of 60 and 75. The younger people have a chance to rehabilitate and possibly no longer need benefits.


Well, another concern of mine is the death toll for cancer victims. 


If we promise as an administration to implement some type of security to those that if one visits a Cancer Treatment Facility whether or not their cancer is in remission the government will pay for a portion of the visits. No one should die from Cancer if we can help facilities financially to catch signs of cancer early on.


We give thanks for the farmer, the truck driver the engineer and the doctor too, without them the American way can not function and would not be possible. So all of you that are them and grassroots we thank you for rising up and taking care of America.

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